Why counselling?

Anxieties and personal difficulties may be causing you frustration or distress and you need someone to trust who can help you to understand your feelings and to deal with the issues that concern you.


Alternatively, you may feel that you can't carry on in the same way and are now ready to make some changes in your life, re-evaluate who you are and explore new possibilities to get the most out of your life.

Counselling is a generic term for a talking therapy during which thoughts, feelings and behaviour patterns are explored and more healthy coping strategies learned. It is usually a shorter-term treatment that tends to deal with more recent and often quite specific difficulties.


However, treatment for emotional problems that emanate from the past tend to require longer-term help that is designed to bring about deeper changes in self-understanding and patterns of relating.


Counselling is therefore suitable for people who wish to explore their feelings and choices in the short, medium and long term, for different types of distress.